Focus on plant extraction and products are sell well overseas

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  • Update time: 2020-10-12

Xingsha Times News (Reporter Yin Li) "This year, the output value of our Huanghua factory is expected to reach RMB 120 million , which is stable and rising compared with last year." On October 10, Chen Jianwu, director of the Huanghua factory of Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co., Ltd. Say. Founded in 1998, Hunan Shineway currently has two major production bases, Huanghua Factory and Luxi Factory, and exports take more than 80% of its entire sailing products, which have been exported to EU, the United States, Japan and other places.

As an export-oriented foreign trade company, under the influence of the Covid this year, our exporting volume has remained stable and rising, which is inseparable from our investment in scientific research over the years. Walking into the scientific research building of Shineway, a strong smell of rosemary blows over us. Here, R&D personnel are making various natural plants into essential oils and other products through various precise operations.

"We invest 5% of our sales revenue in research and development every year. The strong funding guarantee keeps our scientific research level at the leading position in the industry." Project manager Lin Shun introduced that currently Shineway has a well developed scientific research and development system, It has established a cooperation platform for production, learning, research and a mechanism for international R&D frontier tracking and regular communication. It has successively established long-term strategic partnerships with many scientific research institutes and well-known enterprises such as Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, and Shanghai Spice Research Institute.

In recent years, Shineway has carried out a series of scientific research projects, covering multiple fields of plant extraction, spices, flavors, and biopharmaceuticals, and has obtained 13 invention patents and 1 utility model patent, and various technologies have reached international advanced and domestic leading levels . "On the basis of rosemary products, we are now developing carnosic acid, Litsea Cubeba oil and vegetable proteins. These new products are expected to become our new growth points for the company's output value." Lin Shun said.

Relying on strong scientific research strength, the output value of Shineway ushered in a peak of RMB 330 million in 2017. The sales of our rosemary antioxidant single product continued to double, and the export volume ranked the first position in China. However, the single product also caused twists and turns in the process of development.

"In 2018, the price of rosemary products in the international market was weak, and our export volume dropped sharply." Chen Jianwu introduced that in order to solve the disadvantages that this single product has, in the same year, Shineway invested RMB 40 million in expansion and added a full set of domestic leading supercritical production equipment assembly line produces all kinds of vegetable protein and other products.

"Our technical reserves are already sufficient, and the development of peripheral products needs to be further strengthened." Chen Jianwu told reporters that in order to make products more diversified, we have now established a professional technology application department to fully connect research results with the market. "This is like refining oil. In addition to processing oil into gasoline, you can also extract meltblown cloth, plastics and other products from it."

It is understood that Shineway is now actively undergoing strategic transformation and upgrading. While producing plant extracts, it is also vigorously developing end products such as health care products, dietary nutritional supplements, and high-end cosmetics.

A few days ago, the Hunan Free Trade Zone was approved and established. As an enterprise in the Changsha area of the Hunan Free Trade Zone, Shineway has ushered in a major opportunity for its development. "In the new development environment, our product competitiveness also needs to be upgraded. The market is bigger and closer, the added value of products continues to increase, and agricultural products are continuously sold abroad. We have a promising future." Talking about future development, Chen Jianwu is full of confidence.