Magnificent 70 Years A New Era of Strive丨Changsha County: Caring for the business environment like caring for our eyes

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  • Update time: 2020-04-23

Star Online April 23 News (Star All Media Reporter Liu Jialu) In the "2018 China Urban Business Environment Evaluation Report" released by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Research Institute in Shenzhen last year, Changsha ranked within top ten in the business environment quality index, and the soft environment index ranking rose from 31st in 2017 to 2nd in 2018, which is obviously a dark horse.

Recently, Xingchen All-Media reporters followed the "Magnificent 70 Years New Era of Strive" report group to enterprises and production workshops in Huanghua Town and Langli Street, Changsha County, to truly feel the changes in Changsha's business environment.

Huanghua Town: Helping enterprises solve problems in a timely and effective manner

In 1998, Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in Huanghua Town. After 21 years, It has used natural plants as raw materials, and 80% of the extracted products are exported and sold well in the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries. Cao Wenhao, general manager of Shineway, said that Shineway's development is inseparable from the support of the government. Currently Shineway has two production bases in Huanghua and Luxi, but the core R&D and quality control departments are located in Huanghua Town.

Cao Wenhao introduced that due to the large production volume of rosemary antioxidant produced by Shineway, the sales are doubling each year. At the beginning of this year, Shineway's warehouse was inadequate. Due to unfamiliarity with the local situation, it was difficult to find a suitable warehouse for a while.

"Knowing the situation in that day, relevant departemtn from Huanghua government helped to solve everything on the same day..." A warehouse of several hundred square meters. "The price of our goods is very high, and it is very important for us to find a warehouse that is not far away and has a suitable environment."

"Learned obout the situation in that day, the relevant departments of Huanghua helped us solve the problem on the same day." Cao Wenhao said thatthe people in Huanghua administration were familiar with the situation and helped them find a warehouse of hundreds of square meters just a few kilometers away from their factory without saying a word.  "Our goods are all in high value, and it is very important for us to find a warehouse that is not far away and meanwhile has a suitable environment."

Natural rosemary antioxidants are developing well in the market. In order to further expand the production scale, Shineway needs new site and place for development. After learning about this demand,the administration of Changsha County and Huanghua Town made many door-to-door contacts, looking for land for us, and finally found a good place for it. During the period, some districts and counties srtecthed out their hands and invited us to invest in their local area. However, due to the excellent and efficient services from local government and other reasons, Shineway decided to choose a nearby location for development.

"Huanghua Town is a big town for project construction. This year, we will actively carry out the business environment optimization annual activity, set up a guarantee service team for major projects in Huanghua Town, specify special personnel, special vehicles, and special funds, and promptly and effectively resolve various conflicts and disputes to ensure that Huanghua's business The environment has been fully optimized." The relevant person in charge of Huanghua Town said that this year will also carry out in-depth visits to "thousands of people helping thousands of enterprises", conscientiously implement the town's party and government leaders to contact and help enterprises, and strive to build a new type of "friendly" government-business relationship. Promote various policies to bring real benefits to the development of enterprises.