Xiangxi Science and Technology Association visited enterprises in Luxi County

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  • Update time: 2022-04-17

Rednet moment Xiangxi news on April 17th (correspondent Shasha Bao)  On April 15th, Hongbin Liu, secretary of the Party organization of Xiangxi Science and Technology Association, visited Hunan Shineway Sunshineway Co., Ltd., and Hunan Senhy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct an investigation. Luxi County Association for Science and Technology leader accompanied the investigation.

Hongbin Liu and his delegation visited Hunan Shineway Sunshine Co., Ltd., and Hunan Senhy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and had in-depth conversations with the enterprise leaders about the operation of expert workstations, enterprise science and technology talents, the work of enterprise science and technology association, as well as the problems encountered in production, research and development.

Hongbin Liu said that through in-depth research on enterprises, we should really understand the practical needs of front-line scientific and technological workers, carefully listen to and collect the opinions and suggestions from them, actively build an innovation platform and smooth communication channels. We need to focus on science and technology, and actively promote innovation-driven development and personnel services.