The presided over a special meeting on state and county support for Shineway

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  • Update time: 2019-11-07

News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhou Chuyi) On November 6, that The Deputy Secretary of the State Party Committee and Governor of the State Council, presided over a special meeting on state and county support for Shineways Development in Luxi County. Relevant departments of the state and county and leaders from Shineway attended the meeting.

Shineway is a biotechnology company focusing on plant extraction and deep processing. We are producing gallnut extract and rosemary extract, which are exported in the first position in China. We have a complete chain of rosemary planting, extraction, deep processing and sales. At the meeting, the person in charge of Shineway reported the project construction situation, and the person in charge of the relevant state and county departments reported the supporting development situation.

Long Xiaohua said that Shineway has a well developed research and development capability and a mature product system, and has laid out a 10,000-acre rosemary planting base in our state, which has effectively driven the poor to increase their income and employment. Relevant departments of the prefecture and county should support the new project of Shineway as the leading industry in the two fields of biotechnology and big health industry in our state. It is hoped that Shineway can drive a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises to grow and grow rapidly, and boost our state Undertake industrial transfer. Governments at the prefecture and county levels and relevant departments should play the roles of "cart pushers", "passengers" and "servers", form a strong working force and promotion mechanism, regularly dispatch, track services, and strengthen technical and preferential policies. Strengthen the guidance and support for enterprises; formulate scientific and reasonable work plans, clarify the division of responsibilities, and promote enterprises to take root and thrive. Shineway shall actively communicate with relevant departments to form a team of professional and technical personnel. According to the time node, schedule work due, list the project progress schedule, speed up the preliminary work of the project, and strive for the early implementation, early construction and early results of the project.