Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Kemin (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Update time: 2021-04-19

Rednet moment Xiangxi news on April 17th (Tuanjie Daily reporter  Xiaoming Fu  Photography  Xingyun Zhou)  On April 16th, the cooperation signing ceremony of Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Kemin (China) Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Gloria Grand Hotel. Xiaohua Long, deputy secretary of Xiangxi Municipal Committee and Governor, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Xiaoyong Du, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xiangxi People's Congress and secretary of Luxi County, attended and Vice Governor Qingping Xiang presided over the ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, the principals of Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Kemin (China) Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the project situation respectively. Xiaohua Long said that Kemin Industries and Shineway Enterprise are both industry leaders, This time, the two enterprises have joined hands to establish a joint venture company, so that Chinese manufacturing and American brands can form complementary advantages, which will surely become brilliant and achieve a win-win situation.

All departments at all levels of the region and county should give full support, be a good "shopkeeper" and "waiter", effectively provide the best service and create the best environment for the construction and healthy development of enterprises, and ensure that the joint venture company takes root and bears fruit in the hot land of Xiangxi.

It is reported that Kemin Industries Inc. was founded in the United States in 1961, is a global manufacturer of raw materials, well known for producing high-quality, safe and efficient food, feed and health-related products. Shineway and Kemin have a cooperation history of 15 years. This time, both sides plan to invest 10 million US dollars in Luxi High-tech Zone to build a production base of high-end animal nutrition products.

Xiaohua Long congratulated the two sides on signing the cooperation. She said that Xiangxi is a region for targeted poverty alleviation, green ecology, cultural tourism, characteristic industries and innovation and opening up. In recent years, Xiangxi has seized the major strategic opportunity to undertake the construction of industrial transfer demonstration area, adhered to the "first menu" of investment attraction, to recruit big and strong, and introduced a large number of strong, broad market, high-end products benchmark enterprises such as Hunan Shineway Enterprise. The growth rate of investment funds in place and the landing rate of investment projects have been in the forefront of Hunan Province for several years, giving full play to the role of leading geese in undertaking industrial transfer, and has become a new highland of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wuling Mountain Area.